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Romanian Market

On the 15th of November, Mentally Fit Eastern Europe, in partnership with the Belgian-Romanian Chamber of Commerce (BEROBA) and the British-Romanian  Chamber of Commerce (BRCC) will launch on the Romanian market, organizing the Leadershift conference.

We are inspired by sport. We draw our methodology from top sports coaching.



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The Conference:

The unique approach of this conference will offer the participants the chance to measure abstract concepts such as talent, energy, or attitude, concepts that are crucial elements within the maintenance of a steady progress on a professional as well as a personal level.

Furthermore, this event will also represent an excellent networking opportunity for the attendees.





Alain Goudsmet

CEO of Mentally Fit Global and Sports & Corporate coach

The techniques that Alain Goudsmet is using are drawn from his 20 years of mental coaching experience within the corporate environment, working with leaders of companies such as IBM, AirFrance, Shell, Ernst & Young, or Unilever, as well as the sports world, where, for a considerable period of time, he was responsible for mentally coaching the Olympic Team of Belgium. In this way, Alain has managed to adapt philosophies and metaphors from the sports environment to a professional context, aiming towards a more efficient stimulation of the individual energies and team dynamics.

We had here in Romania, an year of exploration and meetings with business leaders, and we feel that entrepreneurial projects are growing in both numbers and performance indicators. Mentally Fit with its simple and practical tool inspired by top-level sport - can certainly help them develop further, boost teams and peoples energy for success. Confidence, courage, commitment, perseverance and team spirit are the universal ingredients of performance. In sport, there are two times: “Now” and “Too late”.
— Alain Goudsmet

Our Partners

In July 2017, the Belgian-Romanian Business Association, together with the Embassy of Belgium in Bucharest have announced the establishment of the Bilateral Chamber of Commerce. As a result of this collaboration, BEROBA represents today an organization whose main purpose is to encourage the development of business relationships between the two states by promoting and defending the interest of its members and at the same time, offering potential members access to a platform which consists of relevant information related to the state of business from both Belgium and Romania. More than 85 companies, businessmen and belgian entities with commercial interests have been constantly organizing, year by year, since 2013, conference and meetings pursuing to consolidate the Belgian-Romanian business community.

The Romanian-British Chamber of Commerce represents the main organization which facilitates the bilateral trade between the United Kingdom and Romania. The mission of BRCC consists of creating a favourable context for the development of investments between both parties, by ensuring a solid collaboration through a transparent business-to-business dialogue. By offering varied partnerships and a vast network of influential people, not only from the corporate environment, but also on an individual level, BRCC provides all the necessary resources, information and infrastructure for the materialization of the business opportunities on the behalf of the British companies existing in Romania and vice-versa.



Managers and leaders that embody the business community of Romania.



15th of November - 9:00 - 13:00 @ Conference Hall of Novotel Hotel Bucharest

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